when we went to wynwood

It had been five months since I traveled at all, before I decided to go to South Florida. Five months may not seem like a long time for most, but for me, it was. After traveling nonstop for work for seven years, it eventually was time for me to move on. However, with all that time, it had wore on my nervous system, and now I was left with what often felt like, crippling anxiety to leave the house. Many times before my departure, I had to remind myself that I was going toward people who loved me. I was seeing family who would offer me no judgment, only the pleasure of their company. I would be safe. So I went. And was happy I did.

My cousins, Efrain and Hannah are siblings through marriage, and have been for as long as I can remember, so as far as I’m concerned, we’re family. I met Efrain when I was nine years old. I came home from school, late, staying after for whatever reason, maybe even at soccer practice or something with choir, to hear what sounded like a lot of fun going on in my basement. There, was my sister Tara, doing front flips on our couch with a boy I had never seen before. Naturally, I didn’t ask any questions and contributed to my best impersonation of the famous move by the Hardy Boyz from WWF. The rest is history.

Later in life, Efrain and I would evolve into spiritual beings that connected through words. We would write each other letters and talk about music, art, and life when we were together. Like me, Efrain is a libra sun. While he is a few years younger, our birthdays are only two days apart. There in part lies our great understanding of one another. Your sun sign is the very core of who you are. With us being so close, astrologically, it is no wonder we have the same interests in topics, as well as the same temperaments in exploring and sharing those views. So when he asked if I would accompany him to the Wynwood Walls, I accepted with excited enthusiasm; something I hadn’t felt in far too long.

One of Efrain’s newly discovered artistic talents is photography. Prior to this visit, he had been posting photos of graffiti walls in Downtown Detroit. As someone who used to live in Miami, and visit fairly often, I had been to Wynwood multiple times and knew he would not be disappointed. He wasn’t. I’m not exactly sure how tall Efrain is, but my guess is 6″4. You can imagine how long his strides were, as he hungrily snapped photos of walls surrounding him from every corner. Magically, I floated around him to keep up. The following are photos I took from that day.

During the months Efrain explored his new hidden talent for photography, I had unlocked a creative consciousness in my brain that led me to poetry and specifically, spoken word. On that journey, I discovered a new character within myself of a rabbit. It began as B.R.Abbott and slowly morphed into MegBFly. The M is written with bunny ears. Sometimes, I even put a set on. Essentially, I fell down the rabbit hole and came out with a new set of ears. There were a lot of synchronicities that day that validated that I was on the right path. Here are just a few.

Efrain was nice enough to snap a few photos of me along the journey. He too, recognized the synchronistic symbols of the rabbit and its importance to me. Just for a few hours, we were two big kids running around and playing. We went back in time.

It felt good to be out in the world and inspired by it. When you are in a depressed state for too long, your energy can often feel stagnant. Meaning, you become indifferent to life and all it’s wonders of beauty. You’re stuck in a cycle of boredom and monotony. And when you’re an aspiring artist, this can often feel debilitating. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist or a creative, please realize and know that accessing this energy is vital to our wellness and being. In the future, I’ll explore ways you can do that, but for now please know that simply taking a walk outside or getting together with trusted loved ones can rejuvenate your soul.

Efrain’s sisters, Hannah and Olivia are both cancer suns. Cancers are considered the mother of the zodiac and greatly connected to the moon. While my cousins are very young, too young to be mothers, they certainly have a sweet, caring, and nurturing energy to both of them. In our family, Hannah has often been described to be my mini me. We have similar styles and wild and curly hair. I also believe we both are very friendly and kind to everyone, while also down to have a good time and be silly. Looking at her as a mirror, brought me a lot of comfort.

Watching Olivia grow up has been an interesting experience. Olivia was always spunky and spoke her mind, even as a little girl. Getting to know her now, as a young woman navigating through high school brought me a lot of empathy, as well as joy. Together, we talked about dance and even a few Spanish words. I was impressed with her knowledge and views of the world. Here she is below, on a late night at the beach, gazing at the moon, Cancers ruling planet.

To be honest, I can’t imagine being in school during this time. We often don’t give children the credit they deserve for their awareness and their feelings. While they are often struggling, there are moments where they desire to thrive. Simply put, girls just want to have fun. And Olivia is no different. Sitting at a table, as a thirty one year old, with a woman in her twenties, and another in her teens, I realize we are not all that different. Sure, there are separations in our circumstances, but if you take the time to really listen and ask questions, you are bound to find commonalities among you.

I ended the trip with a visit back to Miami to stay with a friend that still lives there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a photo together. We are terrible that way. I did snap a photo of the view from her apartment. Here I am reminded that we live in an abundant universe.

I fell asleep on her couch, gazing out into the night lights of a busy city, in the middle of a pandemic. The world continues to move. It is up to us to be a part of it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story. Please feel free to share any comments or stories that you may have similar to this experience. And if you enjoy my work, I would greatly appreciate a love donation. The more I earn, the more I can drink coffee, the more I can write. I’ve also included a list of needs for finances for your consideration. My sister is getting married! Thank you soul much.

Wish List

  • Bridesmaid dress alteration
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Gas to get back there and back
  • A disposable camera to add to the memories
  • Baby shower gift for my friend
  • Gas to get there and back too

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