sacred space – creation

When I first moved into my apartment, it was daunting. I owned next to nothing and had little to no money to spend on the things I did need. I balanced between a frustration in all my needs and desires, but a deep gratitude for all the gifts I had been given. Rather than impulsively rush the decorating process, I chose to wait and see how long I could go without certain items and which would truly add value to my life at what point in time.

This was my abundance.

As tiny as it may have seemed, I rearranged the apartment more times than I could count. I didn’t even document each time I moved my bed. I imagine I was too exhausted to do so, afterward. And frankly, I didn’t even know whether or not I would share this story. I have been very protective of my sacred space, as well as embarrassed. Now, there is a deep pride in this space as it represents all my hard work and the gifts of those who love me.

I couldn’t wait for a kitchen cart, a yoga mat, desk and chair. I went 5 months without any of them. I had somehow become that poor girl sitting on her floor. I even cooked on the floor for the first few months, on a stovetop that was left in the apartment. This was all I had. And it was good enough.

My birthday came and I was given more gifts that helped me personalize my sacred space, as well as improve it’s functionalty. Before getting a desk, I got a kitchen cart. Even though I was a writer who desperately wanted a piece of hardwood to write on, I wanted to not cook on my floor more. It was fun decorating and arranging the cart.

Doing dishes in this tiny sink was and still is exhausting. The least I could do was make my life easier by adding a kitchen cart to make cooking and eating more enjoyable.

I even had fun decorating my fridge. It’s important to switch items out and keep things on there that make you happy.

My fridge inspires me and reminds me how loved I am by so many wonderful people and how many places I’ve seen.

Also, if you don’t have eucalyptus in your shower, get some! It helps you breathe easy and makes you feel like you’re a part of nature!

I also believe having less clothes makes you more stylish. Once you are able to see what you really have, you can get creative with your wardrobe.

The new bedspread really brightened the space up. Soon, it came together.

Last, but not least, and ironically probably most important, I finally bought myself a desk and chair. I swear this chair was made for me and was staring at me in TJ Maxx under a beam of light as if it had been waiting for me it’s entire life.

As Dorothy would say, There’s no place like home.

If you’d like to help me afford rent for next month, I would greatly appreciate it. Please donate anything you can here, below. Blessings back to you, tenfold.

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