moon cycles – new moon in aries

As a woman, I have now decided to work/flow with the moon and figure out what that means. While my cycle is not in complete sync with the collective flow, my health has forced me to rest, leading up to the new moon, which is connected to menstruation and ultimately, rest.

It has taken me quite some time to heal from the mindset that I must work, work, work, in order to find a way to make my dreams a reality. I felt this way, even when I was sick. Even when the universe was forcing me to rest, I struggled. I fought against the current. I was constantly searching for a way to see my dreams more clearly. Yet, they reminded me, I still had so much to learn; so much to discern.

Over time I was reminded I can simply read books. I don’t have to write them. Now, most of my journals are nearly full, patiently waiting to be transcribed into some form of art, and screens throw me into a tizzy, and just make me feel dizzy. It’s silly. Quite silly.

Clocks and screens,  
make me want to scream.
 They make me want to shout, 
"What exactly is this all about? 
What exactly is it for? 
Who is it, that is knocking at my door? 

If you ever feel the same, please honor yourself and take a break. Blue lights interfere with our own divine light within. Even if you are a man, without a womb, you are connected to the moon. We all are.

The journey in discovering how, when, and why is never-ending, as I am continuing to learn how this is true. Please be patient with me as I guide you through everything I have learned. This is simply an introduction to a topic that I hope you find value in. I’ll start with this.

The new moon in Aries was this past Sunday, April 11, 2021. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, officially starting the astrological year. Aries represents new beginnings. Thus, the new moon can represent the new year, as if it is January 1. Spring is also associated with new beginnings, and a rebirth. If you have been feeling depleted, anxious, and ready for change, but impatient it has not begun like you hoped, please know you are not alone. Please know that now things are really shifting and being set in motion. The new moon is a time to set your intentions, to plant seeds, literally or figuratively. This would be a good time to revisit any goals you set for the new year, or create a list of things you’d like to obtain. These things can be external or internal. They can consist of material possessions, or expansive experiences. I’ve included a few of my own lists for your reference of inspiration. They can be fun and colorful, a simple bullet point list, or written in your planner. Whichever you prefer, just do it with intention.

New moon in cap
New moon in Aquarius 2/11
New moon in Aries

If you have Aries in your birth chart, that will also be activated/upgraded/amplified now. For example, my moon is in Aries at 23 degrees, while this new moon was at 22 degrees in Aries. This is another subject for a different day, but if you are into astrology, or would like to know more, please let me know.

Give yourself time and grace to complete these tasks and obtain these possessions. Each new moon you set new intentions, some carried over from the month prior, and each full moon we celebrate our abundance, including anything we may have gained during the 2 weeks in between. You may have noticed a date in the top right corner of my list. Technically, you have 6 months to bring your dreams to fruition. After the new moon in Aries, 6 months later it will be the full moon in Aries. That is when the things that truly serve you will magically appear. I say this because sometimes we think we want something, but over time we realize it is not true. All you have to do is write down your desires, and then let the Divine and the moon work their magic. Let go, and let God.

Of course, it is up to us to take action, as Aries energy reminds us. In the past, there have been some contradicting beliefs that you can simply wish for something and it will soon magically appear. My best example in disproving that theory is I can’t become a successful writer without writing, or publishing any of my work. I could simply be a woman, hiding in an apartment, with journals all around her, scraps of paper needing to be sorted through, and documents saved to her laptop. You have to do the work. You have to show the universe that you are willing to do the work.

As I stated before in a previous blog, most of us don’t want to take accountability for ourselves. We have no idea how to do so. It is an odd thing to care for one self. To see, it is only you, who can help you, and make your dreams come true. Yet, we co-create with the divine, and the divine grants us the people and resources needed to help further our dreams along. Perhaps I soon will find a publisher, an editor, or a camera(wo)man. Lord knows, I’m so tired of being all roles for myself. I have not given up. I am just choosing to shift my focus and go where the moon guides me to flow. It is much easier this way. Don’t force anything. Just flow with it.

Full moon in Leo

If you have been feeling depleted, anxious, and ready for change, but impatient it has not begun like you hoped, please know you are not alone

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