letters – of love

I was told to write a letter to you, quite some time ago, but couldn’t find the right words to say. Perhaps, I didn’t want to face you. Perhaps, I didn’t know what to say. Your light is blinking in many different ways. You are in pain, my love. You do not want to admit it. You want to be strong, but soon you won’t have to do that anymore. Please remember to put yourself first. Remember to pay attention to your vessel, your skin, your hair, everything. With how awful you allowed yourself to get is what you must forgive yourself for. You were navigating through an experience you had never gone through before. It was all a lot. Part of that journey is noticing where you feel pain and why. This is brave of you to do. Be proud of yourself for that. Forgive yourself for hurting your vessel. You still looked beautiful. You are always beautiful. Forgive yourself for wanting someone else to tell you that. Your vessel is healing, but it is still hurting, my love. You must take care of it. So, it will take care of you.

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