notes to self – create your own luck

  • don’t focus too much on the material
    • be practical
    • but focus on spiritual
    • and calling things in
  • you are a witch, after all
  • remember, you have everything you need
    • right at your fingertips
  • the only thing in a rush, is you
    • stop it
    • flow
    • allow
    • play
    • trust
    • things come when they are meant to
  • you are lucky
    • you have the luck of the Irish
    • surely, you remember
    • Shirley, you remember
  • prosperity lies ahead
    • luck is on your side
    • good fortune is coming
  • prioritize your needs
    • prioritize yourself
  • pay yourself first
  • think of others to serve
  • don’t force anything
  • visualize
  • have fun with magic
  • it’s not that serious

the only thing in a rush, is you

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