depression and anxiety – the importance of light

Most of us don’t want to take responsibility or accountability for ourselves. We have no idea how to create our own schedule and practice self-discipline. You master this, day by day, by doing just that, practicing. I think 2020 enlightened all of us with the concept of time, how much there actually is, and what exactly we are doing with it.

Honor your energy. Not every day has to be the same. Allow yourself the space and freedom to explore and learn what works for you, and what doesn’t. Surrender to the moment and to that which you can not control.

meg b- elevate

There will always be something to do or somewhere to be. The challenging conflict we all feel is finding the power to be present and the strength to surrender. Both are feelings we must overcome. The love of others, the love of music, the love of self, and the love of a higher power can help us fight it. It is what can help us find the light, to become the light, to ultimately share the light.

meg b- peace in solitude

become the light, to ultimately share the light

5 thoughts on “depression and anxiety – the importance of light

  1. Meg this is such a good reminder for all of us. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us. You inspire me. It’s nice to know that we all go through bouts of anxiety and depression. I’m happy that today, it’s a lot easier to talk about publicly. Can’t wait for more of your work! Love you!


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