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featuring – my sister – baby erin

I can’t believe Baby Erin is 21. As a toddler, Erin would say the rudest things out loud with the most innocent intentions. She didn’t know she was being rude. She just wanted to know why that lady looked like a witch and the only answer she trusted was our mother’s. It’s funny, but my poor mother. Erin didn’t even have the decency to ask once they were out of earshot of the witch lady. But that’s Erin. She’ll tell you straight to your face what she thinks.

Barrett sisters bouquets

At 21 years young, Erin has evolved from a bossy toddler to a lazy tween who hated brushing her hair and loved wearing the same outfit, to somehow becoming a tall, thin goddess who has perfected a hair and make-up routine.

Barrett sisters in Chicago

Best sistahs and Best friends

Growing up, we were always sisters, but I would say we became friends when I moved back from college and she was in middle school. It was at that time when Erin morphed from this silly tween into this trendy, young woman who could do hair and make-up better than I could. While I could’ve watched YouTube videos as she did, it was much more fun and easier to be taught by my cool, younger sister.

Barrett Sister Trio

The generation gap between Erin and I only exists in moments. For instance, the first time I played the rap song, “Still Fly,” by Big Tymers. While I knew every word, Erin had never heard it before. Another instance is one of the times I picked up Erin from high school. I rolled down my window and quoted Mean Girls, “Get in loser we’re going shopping.” Immediately, Erin lit up, excited that we were actually headed to the mall. I still feel like a jerk for not taking her anyway. Later, I was a chaperone on her field trip. I didn’t do much of anything, to which I was grateful for, because I felt very weird about being a chaperone for high schoolers, but very cool hanging out with my sister at school. It was the only time we went to the same school at the same time.

Watching Erin grow up has been an experience I appreciate more now than ever. I feel so fortunate and happy to have such a cool sister that I am so close with. One who keeps me young.

Baby Barrett Sister Trio

How I look up to Baby Erin

Occasionally, Erin exercised the word, “no,” when my parents asked her to do something she had no interest in doing. I have always sat back in amusement and wonderment, how this young thing grasped a concept I never even knew I had an option of using. My parents may not appreciate this as much as I do, and it may also be because of birth order, but still, Erin has always had a strong sense of self and a better knowledge of what was actually going to add value to her life, as opposed to what wasn’t.

Barrett sisters twinning and winning

Being older than Baby Erin

I like to think Erin has learned from my mistakes, or at least has been able to seek guidance that I didn’t necessarily have the luxury of. As the oldest, I was kind of the guinea pig, experiencing college life, heartbreak, losing friendships, and lovely credit card debt. I feel I have watched some older siblings want their younger siblings to figure things out that same hard way. Perhaps out of jealousy, whether it be because of the different dynamic that exists within their household, or simply jealous of their youth.

Baby Barrett Sisters

However, I hope I am never envious in any way of Erin’s youth. I am grateful to have Erin. She keeps me young and hip. I must admit, when people comment we look alike, I more so gush over the fact that I can resemble a hot, young, 20-something, versus that I look like my younger sister.

Barrett sisters twinning

Favorites of Baby Erin

A few random memories that make me laugh out loud of Erin are the following. When Erin got a pink razor cell phone, she screamed at the top of her lungs with her friend, while simultaneously jumping up and down. She was 9. When my other sister, Tara and I, looked in the hotel mirror to see another reflection of Erin in a mirror, on top of the hotel room counter, making her underwear look like a thong. She was 3. That one made me laugh as I typed this that I had to pause from the keyboard.

Baby Bouncer Barrett

In eighth grade, for a class project, I filmed a short sketch and cast Erin as my mom. Again, she was only 3, but nailed the role perfectly. She actually took direction very well in all skits I cast her in. That’s honestly one of the best compliments an actress can receive.

We worked together at Twistee Treat for a short period of time. It was her first job and very important to me for her to feel comfortable in a workplace environment. Training her felt easy. Not just because she’s smart, but because I could be real with her. Instead of simply instructing her to make a milkshake, I told her the secret trick to work the machine in a way that you wouldn’t end up wearing it.

Exploring Chicago together was fun, as it was our first vacation with just one another. And to this day, witnessing Erin on whatever the dentist gave her when they took out her wisdom teeth, is hands down, the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in real life, in my life.

Barrett sisters Michigan Wedding

I am about to leave an entire decade behind that Erin is just beginning to navigate through. Watching Erin grow up has been one of my greatest joys in life thus far. Happy 21st Birthday, to you Erin. I love you so much. You’ll always be my Baby.

Erin Barrett 21

Comment below to wish Erin a Happy Birthday too!

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